We’d love you to get involved and help. The more volunteers, the brighter and stronger future we’ll have. There are two things required before you can help, as our members’ safety is so important to us.

  1. We require all volunteers, even if you’re a parent, to undertake an online working with children check and then to log it at any motor registry.
  2. Once you receive your WWCC reference number this needs to be logged with our Registrar.


It is no longer sufficient completing a WWCC waiver form. From season 2018, Football NSW is mandating that EVERYONE who deals with children must have a WWCC. The NSW law has not changed in this regard (where a close relative didn’t need to complete a check), but FNSW has tightened their requirements.

Get a Working With Children Check.

It’s free for volunteers and you can apply online, then take your licence to the NSW Service Centre (old RMS or RTA office – Corrimal is the closest to Coledale but you can present at any office). Have your 100 points of id to receive you WWCC Number and expiry date.

Go to this site – https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-working-children-check

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