Committee  roles


President /Vice President

  • Chairs meetings
  • Responsible for performance of committee members
  • Represent the club to the community
  • Liaise with senior club
  • Present a report to meetings and AGM
  • Deal with disciplinary issues and communicate code of conduct
  • Attend monthly FSC Committee Meetings
  • Point of contact for committee members and Age Managers


Secretary/Assistant Secretary

  • Day to day general business of the club
  • Point of contact for other clubs & organisations
  • Present a report to meetings and AGM
  • Contact Point for FSC and attend monthly FSC Committee meetings
  • Direct communications to relevant committee member/s
  • Accept agenda items and present agenda prior to meetings
  • Maintain contact register for managers and coaches for all teams 
  • Minute club meetings and distribute minutes
  • Review and update club codes and standard operating procedures


Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer

  • Ensure that all moneys due to the club are collected, banked and recorded, and an appropriate receipt issued
  • Ensure that correct books and accounts are kept, including full details of all receipts and expenditures on behalf of the club
  • Present financial reports to meetings, as required
  • Present a Treasurer’s Report to the AGM, including a balance sheet and statement of income & expenditure



  • Register of all players and keep adequate records of all player registrations
  • Register players and their respective Teams with the Club and/or other bodies
  • Liaise with coach and manager liaison coordinators to create teams, de-register players, update player cards as required
  • Assist parent volunteers to register as coaches with FSC and obtain ID card


Coach & Manager Liaison Coordinators

  • Liaise between the committee, coaches and managers and provide support and guidance
  • Coordinate recruitment and organisation of volunteer coaches and managers
  • Disseminate information to coaches and managers regarding courses and seminars, 

  • Advise managers of the requirements for team sizes for different age groups
  • Identify and highlight potential problems or shortfalls in age groups prior to the start of the season


Communications Officer

  • Communicate messages on behalf of the club to players, parents, managers, coaches
  • Create and post updates for Facebook, as required
  • Draft website content


Website and IT Coordinator

  • Help create and maintain website
  • Assist with other IT support as required
  • Integrate/improve use of Revolutionize software


Equipment Officer

  • Procurement and maintenance of training and match equipment, eg nets, flags, small goals, cones, markers, balls, bibs etc.


Gear Steward

  • Allocate kit bags and match balls to teams at start of season
  • Order any new stock as required
  • Keep a register of kit distributed (via Revolutionize)
  • Receive kit bags at the end of season and carry inventory


Grounds Officer

  • Create and manage schedule of senior players to carry out line-marking
  • Order and pick up white paint for line-marking and pink spray paint
  • Maintain line-marking machine/charge battery
  • Help organise specific ground related events i.e. Working Bee to clean sheds, clear lantana, spread topsoil in holes etc


Line-marking volunteers

  • Work with the grounds officer to ensure pitches are adequately marked throughout season


Game Day Set Up Coordinator

  • Liaise with referee coordinator prior to Saturday re home game field set-up requirements
  • Prepare the equipment required, including cones, markers, flags, goal post protectors, U9,10,11s goal posts
  • Report any damage/loss to equipment officer


Referee/Results Coordinator

  • Manage and circulate list of referees rostered for games
  • Ensure referee training is encouraged
  • Liaise with secretary and Game Day Set Up Coordinator for Game Day
  • Print team sheets
  • Input game results to Football Southcoast


Canteen Manager/Assistant Manager

  • Procurement of all goods stocked and sold in canteen
  • Scheduling of teams to provide volunteers for canteens duty
  • Oversight of opening and closing procedures including float and banking
  • Liaise with Council for annual Health and Safety check
  • Investigate improvements including stock, ordering and EFTPOS payments


Uniform Shop Coordinator

  • Take and fulfil orders for socks, shorts, hoodies
  • Liaise with Communications Officer about inquiries
  • Keep track of stock and sales (using Revolutionise)
  • Liaise with IT Coordinator re sales via a website shop
  • Be available at the ground at prearranged times for sales/inquiries
  • Receipt and bank money received


First Aid officer/trainer

  • Check and maintain First Aid box, ice packs and defib machine and signage
  • Help organise and conduct basic first aid course


Social/Events Coordinator

  • Help to organise annual events including presentation days, meet the coach, registration
  • Liaise with sponsorship officer
  • Organise one social/fundraising event each season


Grants/Fundraising Officer & Sponsorship Liaison

  • Investigate and pursue grant opportunities to improve club facilities
  • Target sponsor opportunities and liaise with president and senior club


Member Protection Officer (Child Protection Officer)

  • Coordinate Working With Children Checks for all club managers, coaches and committee
  • Liaise with registrar


Help and questions

If you have any questions please get in touchIf you’d like to get involved or have a particular skill that could be useful for our club then we’d love to hear from you


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