Under 12 & Above

When players reach U12, they move up to playing on a full size pitch and goals, with a full line up of 11 players on the pitch. They enter into a competition level where scores are recorded and teams compete in a table structure. At the end of the season, the top four teams enter a finals stage to find the league’s grand finalist.

At competition level there are assistant line referees and senior rules are more strictly enforced, such as off-side. Coaches and substitutes must remain in a marked tactical area on the side-line during the game. Card checks take place before each game, where players are checked off by the opposition’s manager to ensure everyone is registered to play in the team.

Teams are entered into the most appropriate league to try to ensure balanced skill levels and ability.

U12 – U14 teams are organised into divisions for competition. Mostly played on a Saturday, however some games are on a Friday evening, and the girls’ competition is mainly played on a Sunday.

Under 15 – 17 are organised into divisions for competition and mostly play Sunday, with some games on Friday evenings and some on Saturday.

The full 2018 rules are available to read using the FSC link below. They are very in depth though.



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