2018 registration – online from 2nd

– 11th Feb 


There are two exciting changes to our registration process this season. Firstly, we are going online for all regos. Secondly, the $100 NSW Government’s Active Kids Rebate kicks in.

There is a lot of info to digest on this page, but it will help you to understand the four key elements to rego:

  1. How to create an FFA (Football Federation Australia) number.
  2. How to locate an existing FFA number.
  3. How to apply for the Active Kids Rebate.
  4. How to register a child to play for Coledale Waves.

We have put together a step-by-step guide, which covers all the online applications. But we recommend familiarising yourself with all of the information below.

When you are ready to start online registration, click here for the step-by-step guide.

What is the Active Kids Rebate?

The rebate has the potential to reduce rego fees by $100 per child, if you choose to apply it to soccer. $100 is a substantial saving. For example, a Coledale U6’s fees will drop from $125 to just $25 using the rebate. We’d love everyone to sign-up and get active with Coledale Waves, but you may also opt to use the scheme on another sport your child participates in. Active Kids Rebate Program 2018

Fees for the 2018 season

Small sided games 11s and under (SSG): $125 ( $25 with Active Kids Voucher Applied )
Competition 12s upwards: $155 ( $55 with Active Kids Voucher Applied )


Step by step guide to 2018 rego.

Please read the information below carefully as it’s important to complete the process in the correct order.

Our online registration will be live from 2nd February  – allowing you to register your kids to play and apply the Active Kids Rebate in one go.


Step 1  Get your Football Federation Australia (FFA) number.

If your child has played before, please go straight to step 2.

If your child has not played soccer before, you need to get a unique FFA number.

This number stays with the player for life for all organised soccer, so keep a note of it.

To get an FFA number please go to the MyFootball website and follow the instructions.


Step 2 Get your Active Kids Rebate.

Go to the NSW Services website to register for the Active Kids Rebate.

You will be provided with a Voucher Code. You need this to apply the $100 discount to your Coledale Waves rego. Without a Voucher Code, you will automatically be charged the full rego amount when you complete online registration.

We have put together a step by step guide to help. Read the Guide here –  Active Kids


Step 3 – Register with Coledale Waves.

Our 2018 online registration is open from Friday 2nd Feb.

To register your child to play and pay online:

Go to the MyFootball website: www.myfootballclub.com.au

Select Players from the dropdown screen on the homepage.

Click Register Now and follow the prompts. Remember to enter your Active Kids code to obtain a discount. The system prevents us from offering $100 off at a later stage.

Select pay online, NOT pay at the club to complete the online process.

We have put together a comprehensive step by step guide on how to login to MyFootballClub, sign in, register for the season, and also add in the Active Kids $100 voucher. To read the guide Click Here


Frequently Asked Questions

What about family discounts at Coledale?

In the past, we have offered a discount for families with more than two children playing with Coledale Waves. As we transition to the new online rego and payment this season, it has not been possible to apply a discount.

We will review this again for next season. In the meantime, we encourage families to apply the Active Kids Rebate and take advantage of the $100 discount.

What age group should my child play in?

To work out what age group is most suitable for your child, simply look at the age they turn in the current calendar year. For example, a child turning 8 at any point in 2018 should join our under 8 age group.

We strongly recommend registering a child in their correct age group.

Children need time to develop physically, mentally and emotionally and being equipped to cope and concentrate at training and games means they’ll enjoy their football more, and so will their teammates and coach.

Moving a child up an age group has the potential to impact on the formation of teams and could even mean a child of the correct age missing out on a spot in a team.

Starting out in the correct age and remaining there means that as the teams increase in player numbers it’s easy to form competition teams and align your child with their correct grade or even representative level football if they show real talent.

If you have a child in kindy who will not turn 5 in that year, the best option is to play in the under 6 age category for two consecutive seasons.

Playing up an age grade is at the discretion of age managers and the club committee. Your child may be asked to play in the correct age group in the interests of other players, the teams and the club.

Any more questions

Please get in touch at info@coledalewaves.com.au if you need any help or have any questions about registration or you if are unable to pay online.

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